For 30 years, we've offered construction services to the residential communities of Omaha, Iowa, and surrounding areas. We brought life to luxury living. Though our beginnings were as framing contractors, our obsession with new home design is front and center. Bateco employs licensed, bonded, and insured contractors as members of Omaha’s Better Business Bureau. What has Bateco done for the residential communities in the Omaha area?

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Sole Proprietor, Dean Batenhorst leads his Custom Design Home team with innovation. He is a masonry artist with creative solutions for your most bizarre requests. Dean is a 30+ year framing contractor dedicated to construction remodeling. Dean developed a love for designing custom homes while framing. Since then, he has lead his draftsmen with powerful designs, and leaves new home owners speechless.

Bateco's New Home Design & Remodeling commitment is to you! Quality and craftsmanship is guaranteed with:

  • Our Experience - over 30 years of new home builds and remodeling thanks to you!
  • Our Commitment - Providing superior service, before, during, and after the job is complete.
  • Our Standard - Delivering your goals with 100% customer engagement throughout the entire process.

Adaptability is the greatness of Bateco. So what’s your Real Estate personality? Are you the “spare no expense,” or “budget appropriate” home owner? Don't answer that. We have it covered!

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Dream Home Company

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Custom Dream House Plans

Your Dreams are our dreams. Do you have a solid idea for a new home build? We welcome direct communication with first-time New Construction Home owners, and also Real Estate Agents as our connection to custom design home owners. We love a challenge. Click the icon

Don’t know why you should remodel?

Remodeling to increase the functionality of your home will also increase its value. Some home owners are forced to remodel, due to fire or water damage. Growing families who want to expand the home they grew up in is another reason dear to our hearts. No matter the reason, we get it. It’s time! Click the icon