• We applaud the mavericks considering New Home Construction

Creativity is [literally] through the roof with Bateco’s Custom Designed Homes in Omaha, Bennington, and the surrounding 50 mile radius. Features like a Safe Room or a Hidden Garage Door with a Hydraulic Raised Roof are just the beginning. Throughout the building experience, you will be provided with a detailed walk through and explanation with every major initiative.

Major Project Initiatives

  • Location – Do you currently have a building site?  Need help locating that perfect location?
  • Plans – Do you already have plans?  Are you looking for ideas?
  • Financial Responsibility – Do you have financing? 
  • Interior Options – Plumbing, electrical, fixtures, appliances, security features, lighting, flooring, entertainment rooms
  • Exterior  - siding, windows, doors, security, lighting, security features
  • Landscaping – botanical gardens, hardscape, outdoor living, illumination
  • Interior Design – painting, color palettes, furniture, decorations

The Bateco Design Process for Custom Homes

We begin our best home floor plans with genuine ideas and an innovative architect. Our starting price is 250-300K. But first, Lori will set up an appointment for you to meet with Dean, on site, at your current home, or place of business. Here are some things you can expect to discuss.

First – Land or Lot?

Are you lucky enough to have land as a generational gift, and now you want to build on it? Or maybe you have a realtor helping you find a lot or property? If so, you’re at an advantage. If not, we have stellar relationships with realtors in our area who can offer their best locations. Since the Land or the Lot can determine your home floor plans, it is step one. We are prepared to advise you on all the ways the land will affect the plans, and the plans can affect the land.

Second – Custom “Dream House” Floor Plans

Bring your scrap drawings and Real Estate magazine cut-outs! Brainstorming is the best part. Your new home construction options fall under the categories of Interior Home, Exterior, and Landscape. Interior options range from the standard plumbing & electrical to exquisite floors, counters, fixtures, etc. Exterior focuses will be siding, windows, and doors. We have a team that can trim and plant the garden of your mother’s dreams. Got your own floor plans? We're ready for that too!

Third – A finalized Floor Plan + Design + Finish

Once you give the approval of our plans, or give our team the opportunity to fully review the floorplans you provide, we offer a detailed estimate and a contract to begin construction on your new home. We can contact our Lenders or Brokers for financing, if needed. Dean Batenhorst will be on site every day to help execute accordingly. Interior Design will be a breeze with our in-house designers – their taste is world-wide and they're are experts at achieving any ambiance.

Once your new home is complete, we setup an orientation to discuss your Bateco Homeowner’s manual and Builders Warranty.




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